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Letters from the year we lived in Akkarvik - school year 2006/2007

Big changes can lead to problems, challenges, funny episodes etc. Some of them ar described in my not so regulary letters from our year in the country.

The letters are written by a citizen dweller near Oslo to other city dwellers in the southern part of Norway, but readable for everybody else as well.

Akkarvik's old school - midiThe drive from Kolbotn to Akkarvik: leaving

September: Settle down

October: First winter

November: Hurry

Christmas rush and the cosy month: Housemaid

January: Second winter

February: Closed roads

March: Weather for skiing

April: Easter and winter

May 1st half: Open road
May 2nd half: Constitution day and more

June 1st half: Travel in June
June 2nd half: Midsummer Eve

July 1st part: Summer holiday
July 2nd part: Panic-stricken
July 3rd part: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

The building shown on the picture is of the abandoned school. The last pupils left in 1985, some of my cousins. Now there are no pupils left in the district.

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