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Photo: Siw Haugnes

From Bristol to Wales

Before going to Wales, we thought a visit to the local sight would be a good idea. We chose "Noah's Ark Zoo Farm". The zoo was OK, but after a while we suspected the had an agenda. And yes, click on the right-hand picture.

All pointless arguments against the evolution theory were mentioned. Not at all realize that when we talk about evolution, differences between species are kind of crucial. At least the did not front the stupid and very wrong statement "Humans can have evolved from apes, because then apes would have been extinct.

Noahs Zoo giraffe
Photo: Siw Haugnes

None the less, the visit was pleasant, it was a lot of animals and they looked like they were well cared for. The animal's areas looked well and not overcrowded.

The highway over River Severn to Wales was just a tiny little bit bigger than what we are used to from Norway (lol). Since I never get aggressive driving when in a stressful situation, I think everybody was happy with Arild driving.

Would we like to drive mostly highway to the first overnight stop at Plas-y-Wern? Hardly! Small country roads leaves more to be seen, and so it was. But we've had forgotten about those damned British opening hours. That meant no late lunch for us at a pub. But we've got a trip to Ogmore instead. Weather was nice, it was lots of horses and sheep ... and ruins, which we just love.

Stepping on stones in Ogmore
Photo: Arild Burud


The horses were beautiful, it was a river and stepping stones. None of us got wet, but we did not pat the horses.

You may use the picture if identified.

Greetings from Siw and the family

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