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From Norway to Bristol ... in England

Vampire book A search for flights from Norway to Britannia showed that landing in Bristol definitively was cheapest in that period we could go. Oh my, that's close to Wales.
A rapid questioning of the family: "Anybody want to go to Wales?"
Answer: "JIIIHA!!! When do we leave?"

So we went last in June 2008. After a bit trouble finding the var we had rented, we left for Elm Tree Cottage in Nailsea. Jeez, this B&B was great. The rooms were delicate, it was a calm place and very lovely landlord and -lady. The day we left Norway, we took only one picture and that of a book! You can't use the picture to the right.

O key, I admit that we did not find ETC at first try. Arild was driving and I read the map and no way you can call me stubborn. A few extra curves we got. But the description was correct (I became a bit ashamed when that was found out).

In the morning we discovered that the place was everything it promised in the evening. A fantastic garden was detected. The hosts made a delicious breakfast with lots of local ingredients. We was yet in short of a sleeping place the last night before going back to Norway. The family soon agreed that Elm Tree Cottage would be just the right place to end our stay in Britannia. Luckily they had a room vacant.

ETC's herb gardenBev and David at ETC gave us a guided tour in their garden. The herbs was, well, considerable larger than those in my garden at home. No, no, I'm not jealous, hmf.

Photo to the left: Siw Haugnes (you may use the picture if identified).

Greetings from Siw and the family

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