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Photo: A Burud - Denmark zooPhoto: A Burud: York The members of our family love to travel. For almost five years we've planned to buy a new sofa, but what do we do? We go to Akkarvik, Marbella, Thasos and London ever so often, but are never able to afford that sofa...

These pages gather some of our impressions from a few of the travels we've had.

Added May 1. 2010, udated Oct 2011

Istanbul in October 2011!

Photo: A Burud - real coffeeWhen Mum became 70 this winter, we celebrated with various dinners and parties.

This autumn we went to Istanbul, a party of 10 people.

The trip was abolutely fabolous from day 1 to day 5. Pictures from the roof, Sultan Ahmed Mosque, bazaars, Hagia Sophia... Read more.

Added October  23. 2011

Photo: S Haugnes - Blue Mosque - arc

Photo: S Haugnes - tracksThe Mansion

We had a lovely weekend, with friends, hikes and lots of life.

We'll be back. Read more.

Added April 13. 2011

Love birds in USA

Photo: S Haugnes - Arild in Beale streetMy hero and me have been two weeks "over there".

We escaped all bad weather, had a wonderfule time with relatives, other people, places and lovely food. Here are some pictures and stories.

Added January 31. 2011, updated Oct 2011

Two lady Haugnes at Corfu

Photo: R Haugnes - kittenThe oldest and the youngest member of the Haugnes Family spent a week at Corfu August 2010. Here are the photos.

Added Jan. 10. 2011

Photo: S Haugnes - Window in RemichTouring Europe

Here are the evidences from our family actually going south at summertime.

The cat is not our responsibility.

Photo: Siw Haugnes

Added August 11. 2010, updated Oct 2011

Travels without me telling about it

Telling (good) stories, selecting (good) pictures, takes a long time, when I'm the one doing it. Mostly because I'm very nit-pick.

Here's from Kristine and Ruth in Prague in April 2011.
Photo right: Ruth Haugnes (you can't use the picture) of Vlatava (Moldau).

Trips I plan to write about is possibly

  • Arild and me on Greeec Thassos Aug/Sep 2009. Reports will arrive some time before next millennium.
  • Four merry ladies in London Feb 2010. Who knows when that travelog'll be finished

Photos down: Siw Haugnes

Added /renewed Jan. 31. 2011

Prague 2010 Moldau riverside
Thassos 2009 - octopus
London 2010 Mitre pub

Added May 1. 2010, updated Oct 2011
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