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Photo: S Haugnes - Owner of the manisionOur friends Manor Estate

Text: Siw Haugnes
Photo: Siw Haugnes and Arild Burud
Note: Photos without people can be used, as long as source is given. Photos with people may only be used by the people shown.

Photo: S Haugnes - lampsOur friends have long dreamt about a country house - in the forest. The neighbours call it "The Manson". No photo shows how to the point that name is.

The landowner is outside the basement in the righthand picture. A few of about ten lamps are shown in the lefthand photo.

We and our friends arrived a Friday afternoon in sunshine. Spring is definitively here in eastern Norway.

A hard workweek forced us early in bed. We even got out of bed late on Saturday! And still got a sunny and hot day.

Photo: S Haugnes - roadwork
The forest road had just defrosted and did not like a tiny, cute WV Caravelle at all.

Two streams had some fun in the wheel tracks, and gave the male part of the company an excuse to use some force and heavy tools and to beat up the surface of our earth.

The skiing conditions had left for summer holiday and robust footwear was needed. We were in need for reasonable provisions like chocolate, salty nuts and fruit, pity that. Some photos from our walks are shown down under and here.

Photo: S Haugnes - friendsPhoto: S Haugnes - branchesLeft hand: The landowners pushed me upwards, along one of the few tracks where the snow still was short of common sense.

Right hand: I love branches, giving me photos with shadows and contrasts.

Left below:
And trunks making shadows on the forest floor.

Right hand below:
Ordinary grass can be beautiful too?

Photo: S Haugnes - forest
Photo: S Haugnes - grass

Added April 13. 2011