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Prague in April 2010

Text: Siw Haugnes with contributions from Kristine Burud and Ruth Haugnes
Photo: Kristine Burud and Ruth Haugnes
Note: You can't use any of the pictures.

A few days after Easter 2010, my mom and oldest daughter went to visit Prague. My mother has been there many times and adores the town. The picture to the right shows Charles Bridge crossing Vtlava (Moldau), opposite the powder tower.

In this bulletin, we tell a little about the trip Mum and Kristine had, and we tell a little about Prague. Most links brings you to Wikipedia (or my own sites).

Prague river and bridge
Prague resting medium
Prague is the capital of Czech and has been a town at least since 935, when it was described as «the beautiful town of stones» by the Arabian merchant Ibraham Ibn Jakob. The center is quite small, which makes it possible to walk around and watch and visit numerous magnificent buildings and other landmarks, without the need of transport.

The town, especially the old town, is rife with sights. Kristine, who had never visited Prague before, had to stop all the time to watch something wonderful or exciting or interesting.

On the left, you can see the tourists resting, while lunching. Later, in another break, they shot some nice pictures of the paving stones (and pretty shoes).
Prague reading map medium
To make sure they'll be able to visit all they wanted to see, the map reader has an important duty. Above we see her sitting at a lovely and recommendable Restaurant Kampa by Vtlava (Moldau).
Prague camera team medium
It's hard to notice such small things as a camera team and an ongoing interview, when Grandmother is taking pictures of Granddaughter.
Prague sculpture of keys - detail
In the Franz Kafka Square a sculpture made exclusively of keys was unveiled in March 2010. I you click on the left hand picture you can see the whole sculpture, and get some more information about it and why it was raised. The artist is Jiří David. Portal of Prague tells about it here.
As in lot of other European towns, Prague has a lot of cemeteries. Many of them are quite interesting and very beautiful and tells a story.

This picture shows one of the tombstones in the Old Jewish Cemetery. It's so lovely, standing there with flowers all around it. Here we show another picture from the cemetery, and we tell more about the Jewish quarter and the cemetery.
Prague graveyard medium
Prague river and boat medium
Prague is very beautifully situated by the shores of river Vtlava. The center of the old town is included in the UNESCO list of world heritage sites.

We have another magic view of Vtlava here.
Czech is, among other, famous for its lead glass industry. You can find lead glass everywhere, in all shapes, and almost all colours. And of course, the glasses are all remarkable. Lead glass is still cheaper in Czech than in Norway.

A visit to a few of the shops was mandatory. To the right you can see a display of glasses. Shown like this, it's almost a bit pompous, with that many thick, heavy and shining glasses all over.

They did the right thing: In their luggage they brought with them twelve red wine glasses. Now they are situated in our cabinet. They are lovely to nip red wine from.
Prague crystal glasses medium
Prague Hotel Europa medium
Grand Hotel Europa was built in 1889 and is sited in the middle of Prague, on the  Wenceslas Square. The hotel is not expensive and is close to everything. Inside, it's really magnificent. Our tourists made sure to take some pictures.
Leaving Praha 2010Prague in blossom by paper flowersDeparture could not be neglected. You don't have to like to leave Prague, but you can take a nap in the airport. To the right you can see a blossoming tree - or some realistic flowers made of paper.

More than 300 pictures were shot. On these few pages, we show only a few. It was a tough job, to pick only a few, among all the good ones.

Enjoy these pictures and the story. Hope a trip to Prague is tempting.

Added May 1. 2010