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Ladies hunting for weekends off

Text & photo: Siw Haugnes
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Me and my girlfriends like to get away once in a while. We regularly take a weekend off.

We find it important to both have som fun, and to do something physical, like hiking or biking.

Photo: S Haugnes - Heidi's girls are breakfasting

Photo: S Haugnes - idyllic Koster

Photo: S Haugnes - legs and stockingsWe're recognied by our lovely legs in our lovely stockings, as you sure can see for yourself.

Theese trips has been done for several years now. Pictures proper for publishing, well, not so many.

Last autumn we went to Stromstad and Koster, biking around that idyllic island in weather like Indian summer.

Many years we joined Trysilrypa Run and March. I'll guess we'll do that again. Last time was in 2009: more.

Added April 29. 2011