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Apples in Everly's garden 2009

Trysilrypa Run and March 2009

Text and photo: Siw Haugnes.
NB: You may not use the picture without leave.

We are some girls that every autumn take the drive to Trysil, to join the Trysilrypa march with a lot of other women. While waiting for our driver I got bored, and had to take some pictures of apples in my garden.

At last we had filled up the bus with luggage, food and beverages. Anne had already started working as the team's cameraman. I would guess that film has a lot of noise and funny faces.

Leaving Kolbotn, The Boss phoned to tell she was delayed. Well, we can't let that pass unpunished, can we? I said "What? We are already on the meeting spot! To avoid a heart attack in the other end, denial was delivered immediately.

Heidi's girls
First stop was for lunch at the picnic area at  Andelva. The Twins had prepared a lunch  that would make us forget to miss our men for the weekend. The regular March-Nuns was also at the picnic. They awaited using the nun costumes to the march, and was lunching in nightwear, looking like fly fungus. Stupid me forgot to take a picture of them. Instead I can show a dim picture of us.

At last reaching the cottage, it was time for supper. I had brought freshly baked bred and prepared mousaka. The Driver helped me making skordelia, Greek salad and tzatziki. While dining, I surely meant now was the time to make plans for supper next year, but would you believe it? The rest of the gang expressed it was 51 weeks to early. They have no sense for the joy of planning.

Trysil and mud
Grey weather, a little cold rain and cold windy air is less than enough to stop more than 2500 women from marching and running. Neither we backed out. Traditionally there is a little wet march to pass. With our beautiful leg warmers we wanted to avoid mud, and kept our balance as good as we could. Only our always smiling Blond plumped.

We did not see any more of the Nuns, but countless trolls,  unrecognizable covered in dirt. I insisted on calling them Ronja, they laughed and sang a trollish good night son (I think).

Photo: S Haugnes - one down, 6 to go
We had passed through sun, rain, cold wind, too hot, cold wind and freezing. Totally exhausted by the weather, one of our Siamese could not cope with meeting the route sign.

We also met many characters from the Norwegian children's boom "Karius and Baktus". (The book visualise the importance of taking good care of the teeth) Karius and Baktus made a point of throwing toffees on everybody passing. I snapped two toffees, snapped a few pictures and ran for it (The rest of Heidi's grouse was far away before I ended the photo session).

Karius and Baktus

Dagros på tur og pubFinally arriving at the finish line, two of us managed to creep to the pub. And now we know why dairy products once in a while contain alcohol: The Cow drinks.

After walking either 6 or 12 km, I really think Daisy deserves to quench her thirst.

The women-only march was arranged first time ten years ago. Since then it has grown and become a big arrangement.

Heidirypene in costumeWe Heidi's grouses has joined every year but once. Then it was a daughter's confirmation, involving a few of us as mother, guests and "waiters".

Ever heard anything like it? Back out just because of such small details?

The Boss and The Driver are the only ones who have joined every time. Some time others have joined. This year we missed our most faithful number 8.

On the other hand, one of the Siamese and her mother had knitted great uniform costumes to us. Obviously we wanted to wear the outfit on the evening banquet.

This year several horse carriages were available. They were a beautiful sight. Sadly my camera's automatic focus was out of order.

Robert Stoltenberg, stand up comedian, gave us entertainment. Combined with pleasant food and good friends, it was a cheerful night out. None the less: Next year we'll make our own dinner, just as we use to do.

View over Trysil 2009
The picture to right is the view from the entry to our favourite cottage.

As a concluding remark I would like to thank those behind this arrangement, The Boss, The Driver, The Siamese, The Blond and The Sister for a great weekend.

We'll be back!

Greetings from Siw - on Heidi's grouses behalf

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