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Corfu in August 2010

Text: Siw Haugnes with contributions from Ingrid Haugnes and Ruth Haugnes
Photos: Ingrid Haugnes and Ruth Haugnes
Note: You can't use any of the pictures.

Our daughter Ingrid and my mother went to the Greek island Corfu in August 2010. Besides sunbathing and bathing, you might say they had a good experience, with nice trips, tasty food and a lot of beautiful nature.

Here we'll tell a little about their journey.

On the right hand, you'll see a picture from a viewpoint by Corfu town. On that small island there's a small monastery.

Photo: R Haugnes - Corfu pier
Photo: R Haugnes - Gouvian Bay Hotel

The ladies lived in a small town called Gouvia. The hotel's name was Govina Bay and consists of some small houses, each with four apartments. They arrived late in the dark night, and got a real surprise when they woke up and could take a look at the wonderful surroundings.

They thought it was really far to the beach, almost 20 meters, and found it a hard days work to get into the water.

The beach bar delivered some standard, Greek courses, enough to cover our beautiful ladies' need for nourishment on a hot summer day.

Not only was the area good looking, but was totally missing traffic and therefore a quiet place to have a holiday.

From nearby you can take buses to almost anywhere on Corfu island. But cabs are always a cheap and good choice in Greece.

One of the tours went to a part of Corfu, where they could take a boat trip into a cavern. Ingrid was not hard to ask and joined the trip into the darkness.

The water by the quay was so clear, that it seems like the boat is hanging in the open air.

Photo: R Haugnes - Corfu boat in air
Photo: I Haugnes - Akilles - Sissis palass

The queen Sissi (Elisabeth) of Austria and Hungary, had a palace on Corfu. It's now called The Achillion palace.

On the left hand you can see a photo of one of the many sculptures of the semi god Achillion.

Our tourists also joined a trip to Albania. Here they visited the ruins of Butrint. More pictures from that trip is here.

In the right hand photo you can see Ingrid by the stairs in the amphitheatre in Butrint.

Later they ate on a restaurant where all the waiters, according to Ingrid, where as beautiful as Greek gods.

Photo: R Haugnes - Albanian ruins + IH
Photo: Unknown waiter - restaurant both

Their favourite restaurant in Gouvia was absolutely lovely, with a grapevine covered ceiling. The left hand picture is shot by a waiter that missed the grapes.

If you click on the picture, you'll get a bigger one, where the grapes and the restaurant's coziness shows better.

We've also made a web page for some more pictures from their holiday here.

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