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Trip to the Bazaar Union Jack

Photo: Arild Burud.
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Turkey and Istanbul are famous for the bazaars and markets. Most of of our party took the trip to Grand Bazaar. The halls are really grand and spacious. What you can't buy there are not worth mentioning.

I didn't join, so all I'm gonna say is this:

Our second oldest daughter managed, all by her self, to find her way back to the meeting point. There was no need for a search party!!! Guess that's why all the males are looking admiring and shocked, standing in a ring around her in the photo secondmost right under.

Some got some clothes, some got some photos. Life ain't gonna be better than this.

Photo: A Burud - Brother in Bazaar

Photo: A Burud - Grand Bazaar entrance Photo: A Burud - water-tap Photo: A Burud - daughter almost get a hug Photo: A Burud - bazaar hall

Added October 23. 2011