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Text: Siw Haugnes
Photo: Siw Haugnes and Arild Burud
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My husband and me love to be in Akkarvik. I become kind out of my mind, when it's been too long. That's why we bought ourself a house in that tiny village.

The Easter 2011 four members of our family spent there. We had power failure, really bad weather and beautiful, sunny days. Snowmobile is mandatory. You can see Ingrid to the right and Fredrik here.

Photo: S Haugnes - Ingrid on snowmobile

Photo: A Burud - Fremtid

Our house is farthest away from the rest of the village, which puts us in the wild. Of course we use that freedom to persuade passers-by to stop for coffee, cakes and other goodies we might be serving.

The picture shows our house, which illustrates quit well how all houses in this part of Norway looked like. Why? Well, the Nazis burned almost every house in the Northern Norway in 1944. The people here and the government did an exceptional job, rebuilding 50 thousand houses in 3 years, when Norway still was a poor country.

From August 2007 to August 2006 our family fulfilled our dream, and lived here. We've all grown up near Oslo. Living this far North (70º N) and close to the Arctic Ocean, with only 16 other inhabitants was something to talk about.

Wikipedia has a small note about Akkarvik.

Photo: S Haugnes - Akkarvik summertime

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