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Norwegian flagEaster 2011 in Akkarvik

Photo: Siw Haugnes and Arild Burud.
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Akkarvik in Easter 2011 was gorgeous. It almost made up for 3 years and no visits for me. At the most we were 400 meters (1100 ft) above sea level, still, it was like high in the mountains. We had all kinds of weather:

  • Storm, giving us power failure for 12-13 hours
  • Rainy and windy
  • Sunshine like summertime
  • Lightly clouded "normal" weather

We had storm on Monday. Arild filmed it and published on Facebook.

Photo: S Haugnes - Wind in Akkarvik

Wind and heavy snowfall, mostly slushlike, caused the power lines to break down. In Skjervøy/Akkarvik the windy weather made sure it took a long time to repair it. That's why we have real stoves in our house.

Photo: S Haugnes - AB and SOM snowmobile

Photo: S Haugnes - IH Snowmobile
Photo: S Haugnes - FB snowmobile

At wintertime we don't have a road to our house. An excuse for having snowmobile.

Our teens had to have some fun, trying to jump with the snowmobile.

We would like a public track for scooters from here in Akkarvik.

Photo: A Burud - snowborder winter

Jupp, we have a lot of snow. Still, I would claim that spring is coming. The pictures are shot with only 5 days in between.

Photo: A Burud - snowboarder spring

Photo: S Haugnes - Midnight Akkarvik easter 2011

April 15. it was really black at night. The picture above was shot at 2 a.m. April 26. I've done nothing but cutting away the edges. This is how bright it really is at night.

Right: Akkarvik's pub (in a village with 9 inhabitants) was visited more than once. Indoors picture, no flash light... But we had fun.

Photo: A Burud - Akkarvik's pub

Photo: S Haugnes - Akkarvik skiing easter 2011

Photo: S Haugnes - FB snow passageRight: That boy dug a tunnel for me.

Left: Weather allowed us several trips like this. But Easter ended with rain.

Indoors we spend our time playing cards and board games, making food, relaxing an watching snooker (World Championship in Sheffield ending May 2. 2011).

We are, by all means, happy and pleased with our Easter holiday! (Next year we'll be at April's?).

Added April 27. 2011