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Ronnie O'SullivanSnooker is a sort of pool, most fascinating. Precision, estimation and endurance means much. This is physics and math in practice. The players looks quite relaxed, circling around the table, studying the position of the ivories, aiming and, after some time, put the shot. The season for snooker mostly lasts from September one year to May the year after.

I've picked some sites I feel gives me, as a completely amateur (I NEVER plays), what I need to enjoy the telecasts. In UK is preferred, but us in Norway with only cable-TV, Eurosport is the choice.

The picture is of my hero Ronnie O'Sullivan, borrowed from, an (Gaelic?) Irish site. Photographer is not mentioned.

BBC Sport Snooker

BBC both broadcast and write a lot about snooker. They have rapid updates under most of the tournaments. Here you can read about the games' rules easier explained than most snooker associations do on their own sites. BBC has less stuff about the players and more about the game itself.

WWW Snooker

WWW Snooker is mostly as updated as BBC and has a lot about the game, the tournaments, the players, links to other associations for snooker (and pool). 

World Snooker

The World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association Limited writes much and willingly about snooker. This is the most complete snooker sites I've seen so far. The information is very thorough. On Worldsnooker you have to register to get access to the detailed information..

Most events in snooker is written about at Worldsnooker. Here you also find play schedules and information on ticket sales for the tournaments.

Last changed March 23. 2009