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I'm in my forties and mother to three. I find a day without reading not a day at all. But sometimes I have to do other things, such as being a consultant in record keeping. I'm employed in Haugnes Kompetanse. Since I love record keeping and archiving, I gladly take any task coming my way.

Me and my family lived for a year in Akkarvik , from August 2006 until July 2007. Leaving Akkarvik was exactly as bad as I thought. And to be back at Kolbotn just as good as I feared. The perfect case is to be situated in Akkarvik, with the neighbours from Sponstubben and the house from Kolbotn. It's just that I doubt that my x-neighbours would appreciate being moved to 70º N. Take a look at the photo below, it's only one of many examples of how beautiful it is up north. How is it possible not wanting to be here?

Lillevika July 2007

As a would-be mathematician, with a hunch for systematics, it was logical to become a record keeper and archivist. Those occupations need employees with a hang for systematizing. Besides, it's an occupation which has developed a lot over the last twenty years. It started with all documents and registrations in sheets of papers. Now every document and all meta data linked to them are stored digitally, dread by the skeptics and loved by the workers.

In wintertime I find it hard not using too much time, watching different exercises of skiing, handball, skating and other winter sports on telly every weekend. I try get outdoors enjoying the nature myself as well. In summer I walk, do some gardening and bike a little. It's not so much tempting me on the TV then, only the Snooker Championship in April and May.

To ensure the family's healthy diet, we try put up a weekly menu. Then we can plan better and I can choose when to joy the family members with my cooking abilities. Cooking is, of course, the (almost) daily dinner, and baking bread, making jam, juice of the gardens fruits and berry etc.

From the year we lived in Akkarvik I wrote about our view on the life in northern Norway.

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