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Two lady Haugnes at Corfu

Photo: R Haugnes - kittenThe oldest and the youngest member of the Haugnes Family spent a week at Corfu August 2010. Here are the photos.

Added Jan. 10. 2011
Photo: S Haugnes - BorderSummer holiday 2010: Anyone claiming that there are a lot of interesting things in Europe? For once we took our car on a trip to the south. The car's never had it this hot, poor thing.

We did everything from visiting coffee shops in Amsterdam (moahaha), walking on the dikes, sweating to death, watch the view from the Eiffel tower, bathing, eating a lot of good food all the way to reading and walking.

We WILL publish more photos and stories after we have been going through the diary and the photos, more than 1000.

Added August 11. 2010
Prague sculpture on bridgeKristine and Ruth have been in Prague. As a result, we've published a few of the pictures and have told a story, both about the trip and about Prague.
Added May 1. 2010
London Waterloo ?Reports from some of the trips we've done, have their own pages.
Added May 1. 2010

The Gathering 2010
Foto: Rolf B. WegnerThe computer party The Gathering is known all around Europe. One of our daughters has participated second year in a row. Read more.

Photo: Rolf B. Wegner from
Added  April 10. 2010

All my websites are now available in English. I've completed translating both pages about literature and Akkarvik.
Comments, corrections etc. are most welcome.
Added September 24. 2009, last updated May 2010

To be buried without next of kin
Photo: Mimsy MøllerPhoto: Mimsy Møller. Photo is borrowed from Dagsavisen.
Kristopher Schau has written a book about funerals where nobody attend. There's many possible reasons for that to happen. Read more about one of the instances.
Added Decmber 4. 2009

Common hepatica on HvalerEaster on Hvaler
In the Palm weekend we were, after too many years absent, back to the small house "Sjøbad" on the Hvaler islands. More.
Photo: Arild Burud
Added April 21. 2009, changed Sept 2009

At last!! Holiday letters from Wales
Sometimes things just has to take a long time to be done... But in the end there is something coming. The family Haugnes & Burud had a fantastic holiday in Wales in 2008. A diary was written, 1000 pictures taken and webpages planned. Now it's only nine - 9 - months since we came home, and at last the pages are coming. The picture is the signboard on the railway station in the village with the world's longest name. Click on the picture and you'll get the signboard over the nearby shop, with translation to English.
Long name in Wales
Photo: Siw Haugnes. You may use the picture if identified.
Added April 2009

AB Toulouse panoramaArild is traveling
My darling has been to Toulouse, in the middle of France. There he took some pictures that put together become a sort of panorama. It is a bit lopsided, but charming.
Photo: Arild Burud
Added April 15. 2009

Logo 4. archives and record keeping conferenceThe fourth Norwegian meeting for Archive and Record Keeping
Bergen had the honor to host the fourth ...... The conference is from April 20. - 22. 2009. The main topic this time is how to access all the records that archives and record offices contains. And how to let people know what they can ask for. This time I can't participate. At the last meeting I presented a paper about the situation of the daily record keepers and how they are met at work. Here's the paper, in Norwegian only .
Added March 2009.

Home and all is well

Winter frostIt's been months since we came back to Kolbotn. Life has in no way been slow. I have a new job, two of the kids play handball with matches every weekend, the optimist (me) said yes to be the parent-teacher association representative for the two oldest children, but a picture has been taken.
Added December 16. 2007

Robert Jordan is dead

Robert Jordan died in September. He is the writer of the fantasy series Wheel of Time. The series is missing the last book. It seems like Brandon Sanderson has got the honor.
Added December 16. 2007

The sun shining in the seaWe're leaving home to get home, now!

This year has gone by way to fast. We're already leaving home in Akkarvik to go home to Kolbotn. It's a comfort to know that our house is standing here, waiting for us to come back anytime. There are such things as autumn hunting and winter hunting, easter holiday, summer holiday and so on. The last letter from this year is here and a letter of thanks here. Later, maybe there will be a homecoming letter, if the trip south is as full of adventures as the trip north.
Added July 26. 2007

Last of June and beginning of July

Climbing here?Summer holiday is already here, and writing these travel letters takes time away from other things to do. Now we have to begin packing for moving back to Kolbotn, it's only four days left 'til we start driving south...
Added July 24. 2007

Celebration of Midsummer Eve and other funny things are in the letter from the last half of June.
Added June 30. 2007

Pictures from Akkarvik

Old schoolSome pictures from Akkarvik is published. This is from the old school.
Added June 30. 2007

We want to get rid of the ferry

It has nothing to do with the crew. They are very nice people. It's because this island has an expanded business, which is held back because the ferries don't have capacity for the big trucks and a very limited schedule. More here:
Added June 29. 2007

geyserWhat has Iceland to do with Haugnes?

Well, one of us has been there.
Added June 6th 2007

As in a charming old movieYang is newly married

We congratulate our dear friend with his beautiful wife. More.
Added June 12. 2007

Letters from half of May and June

The time passes way too fast. And there is a lot we want to do before moving from Akkarvik. Then our travel-letters from is not priority, but we still have a lot to tell. Second half of May is ready.
Added June 12. 2007

First half of June is ready.
Added June 14. 2007

We have a road to the house!

Snow in May 2007, AkkarvikOK, it's been two weeks, but I just had to tell you. We have been walking on top of the snow for four months, now we can drive the car an bike all the way to the front door. In the beginning of May, the bank of snow reached halfway up to my thigh, see the picture.
Added May 13. 2007

About Haugnes , my name

Excavation on HaugnesoddenOn the island Arnøya in northern Norway, there is a place named Haugnes. Both my mother's mother and father's father where born here.

The story say that my granddad, Kornelius Johansen, was fed up being mixed with a another man with the same name when he lived in Honningsvåg. So he took the as surname the name of the place he was born.  I have kept Haugnes through more than twenty years of marriage.

In 2005 some archaeologist was digging near Haugnesodden.

Added March 2009. Last updated April 2011