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I love reading. Any day without at least an hour reading, I find miserable. My goal now, is to read every single book and cartoon in our house. I'm not there yet. Any book I start reading should be finished, but some books are really awfully boring to read.

In former times I used to swap the books I had read with "new" books in second-hand stores. Curiously I never sold my cartoons. The swapping indicates that a lot of "tidbits" are lost to me.

Some books 2010

Worthy stories survive being read repeatedly, and I do that a lot. What I remember best from reading a book or a painted story, is the feeling of comfort or distaste. What the story is about, is often more or less forgotten. Then I can read a good story over and over again, leaving the story unpredictable each time! The problem is that it's a lot of fantastic books out there and only a limited amount of time - that is, if I'm going to do anything else than reading.

Fantasy, including Science Fiction and cartoons has been left out of the company of acceptable things to read for so many years. I've often heard that I don't read "real" stuff. I find that attitude a bit sad, many people don't know what they miss. Todays youth are, fortunately, less narrow-minded, while a lot of adults (over 40) have yet to discover other viewpoints of society and history than the ones made by "acknowledged" authors as Henrik Ibsen and Sigrid Undset.

Don't get me wrong, I read a lot of "ordinary" novels. Actually, I read almost anything, as long as it's available in English or Norwegian.

Crime fiction

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