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Alan Rabinowitz - Dragon fantasy ArtThe librarian at Kolbotn was getting tired of me. I went down there thrice a week, borrowing at least five books each time. Trying to get rid of me for a loooong time, they gave me The Lord of The Rings, quickly after the books were translated to Norwegian. I was thirteen and have loved fantasy ever since.

Science fiction (SF) is by many considered an offspring of fantasy. They might be right, but on the other hand, any fiction could be considered fantasy. SF often deal with criticism of the society (Brave New World), can be more of a thriller (I Robot) or astoundingly fun (Hitchhiker's Guide), just to name the most well known SF-books.

SF-lovers (and others) don't seem to agree what it is that makes up a good SF story. Some feel it has to contain both unknown technology and criticism of the society. For me, it's enough if the story is catching. Here is an article about SF and it's evolvement as a genre.

What's important about fantasy is that the story either takes place in a world with different laws of nature or that sorcery is possible or that creatures we don't know about exists.

The artist of the illustration is Alan Rabinowitz and is taken from RABZ Illustration.

I've written a bit about some of my favourites, but there's so much out there, that I can't include all of them, and certainly not every fantasy book there is.

Douglas Adams
Hans Frederik Follestad
Robert Jordan
Terry Pratchett
JK Rowling
JRR Tolkien

Last updated May 2007