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Photo: S Haugnes - Svartskog StoreLovely Svartskog

We have cycled all over Svartskog, including Svartskog Kolonial. Highly recommended!

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Added August 5. 2012

Photo: A Burud - GarlicMy precious garlic

At last one garlic survived the cats!

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Added July 30. 2012

Photo: A Burud - in the smokePics from our garden

Our garden is so lovely, I just have to share it with you.

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Added July 14. 2012

Photo: S HaugnesOslo from above

A morning in June, I got to shoot som pics of Oslo, seen from the 11th floor.

Stratos has a wonderfule view, any tourist should enjoy. Norwegian flag

Added June 19. 2012

Prague sculpture on bridge
Photo: S Haugnes - Border
Photo: R Haugnes - kitten
London Waterloo ?

Holidays, travels and trips

Reports from some of the trips we've done, have their own pages. Not all are completed.

  • The "girls" at Corfu August 2010. Here are the photos.
  • The Family touring Europe in summer 2010, includes a visit to the coffee shops in Amsterdam...
  • Ladies trip to Prague: We've published a few of the pictures.
  • Girlfriends on yearly excursion: Trysil and Koster.

Right, top: The cats in Greece are always adorable
Right, bottom: Trips to England miss their story
Left, top: Sculptures in Prague
Left, bottom: We've passed Pyrenees.

Updated April 28. 2011

Photo: S Haugnes - posts in Akkarvik

The place of my dreams
All our spare time is spent in the village Akkarvik, northern Norway. Here we enjoy life, walk, bike and cook lots of food. I have made a website for Akkarvik (Norwegian only). We spend so much time here, that we just had to live here the whole school year 2006/2007. More about how we, from densely populated Kolbotn in southern Norway, managed to live in an almost depopulated village up north, you find in the letters from our year in Akkarvik.

Photo: Siw Haugnes (you may use the picture if identified)
Left: Akkarvik from north