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Classic Chinese wedding suit

Ying and Yang marries in China

Our good friend became known to Ying via Internet. Love bloomed and after many visits to the most populated country in the world, they got married.



Married or not, Ying was not allowed access to Norway to marry Yang. Thus Yang went to China. Now they are married, but that does not mean than Ying can come to Norway right away. First they must apply for entry and family reunion. It will take at least eight - 8 - months to manage. As Yang states, it took only five months to say "no", to say "yes" takes much more time. We on the other hand, look forward to get to know her.

Bridal costumes

Marriage in China meant both a traditional Chinese costume and a more modern one. Two very elegant pictures.

In  Norway

Not much later (e.g. Dec. 16. 2007) I'm happy to tell that UDI, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration, was handling this quickly. Before the end of the summer, Ying was in Norway and starting to learn Norwegian.

Modern wedding suit

Added May 2007, last changed December 16. 2007