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Photo: S Haugnes - BluebellsPhoto: S HaugnesOur lovely garden

We inherited a fully established garden in 2003. It needed some work because it was overgrown, but otherwise it was perfect. Of course we spend some time out there, but we refuse to use more than what's fun.

It's somehow exiting to walk around in the garden, take a look behind the bushes, watch the flowers and fruit develop etc. We love to take pictures and share stories.

NEWS: Our first garlic ever (right hand)

Photo: S Haugnes - ant and fleePhoto: S HaugnesPhoto: S Haugnes - strawberry flowerPhoto: S Haugnes - Winter in May
Photo: S Haugnes - FB hurt himself

Drama in the garden

That boy of ours helps us out a lot, but still has way too much to learn about handling knives. The band-aid on the left picture is what I got him after the real (and big) bandage was removed.

His contribution gave us and him a visit to the ER, two stitches, bloody steps to wash (which was what he worried about) and more than a gallon of rhubarb juice.

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Photo: Siw Haugnes/Arild Burud (please identify if u use them)