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First harvest of garlic

Text: Siw Haugnes.
Photo: Arild Burud.
NOTE: Do not use photos showing identifiable persons, either way, identify source.

For what seems like ages (10 years+), we've tried to grow our own garlic. We've tried planting the cloves at any season, tried to harvest first year and second year. We've never seen any garlic though, except in the form of cloves the cats have dug up. Still: we love them (both cats and garlic)!

I've no idea why this managed to survive under the plum tree ... And I'm not sure when we planted it (1,2,3 years ago?). Now the part above the earth started to wither.

Out of the earth we dug a perfect medium sized garlic. And yes, we will show it the respect it deserves.

This year we've tried to cover the earth with chicken wire - maybe we will get some more garlic next year.

Photo: A Burud - first garlic
Added July 30. 2012, updated 2012.07.30.