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Apples in our garden Everly

Our garden is big and filled with lawn and a lot of plants we can use.

Apples in our garden
Photo: Siw Haugnes, 2009 (You may use the picture if the photographer is identified)

We were lucky to possess a house with a garden with a lot of plants in it. Even though it was more than a bit overgrown after a few years of neglect, it was easy to get everything back. With what we brought from our last place (Tun II) we have: 5 apple trees, 1 plum tree, 1 cherry tree, 10 meters of raspberry, 1x4 meters strawberry, rhubarb, 6 black currant, 5 red currant, 3 gooseberry and lots of herbs.

Usually we loose some ripe berry while at holiday in summer or early autumn. But this year we have picked almost everything. That should indicate we have a lot of jam and fruit juice ready and about 15 kg cleansed berries in the freezer. Now it's time for apples and plums. And we did not reach the rowanberry in the forest. Leisure time problems? Anyone?

Added September 23. 2009.