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Photo: AB: Siw at Gjersø bridge

Photo: S Haugnes - Oppegård church

Photo: S Haugnes - Oppegård church

Tourists at Svartskog in Oppegaard

Photo: Siw Haugnes and Arild Burud .
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Svartskog, west in Oppegaard county has been inhabited for thousands of years. One day Arild and I mounted our bikes and visited a few places there.

That trip includes some heavy uphills in both directions, but, hey, it's worth it.

Svartskog constitutes almost half the county, but while the rest of Oppegaard is densely populated, Svartskog has only a few hundred inhabitants. The scenery is lovely and the history is fascinating.

Photo: S Haugnes - old tree & church

First place to stop was at the Oppegaard church. It was build in 1876 and replaced an older one. The first church we know of on this spot is mentioned in 1200. Originally the place was likely used for worshiping norse gods.

The stone fence in front (down, left hand picture) was probably started in the Middle Ages.

Photo: S Haugnes - Svartskog Church & Arild  Photo: S Haugnes - Svartskog Store view

Next stop was Svartskog Kolonial, reopened this spring. They sell groceries, as they should, but the best part is the home made cakes, biscuits, jam and other tidbits. Every day they serve a tempting salad and a hot meal.

Last stop was at the pier next to Uranienborg where Roald Amundsen planned his expedition to the South Pole. The museum was closed by the time we got there, but the sea never closes. A hot summer day, an exhausting cycle tour and tempting water. Lovely!

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Photo: S Haugnes - inside out of Svartskog Store

Photo: S Haugnes - Svartskog Store - outdoors

Photo: S Haugnes - Svartskog - counter

Photo: S Haugnes - for sale in Svartskog Store

Photo: S Haugnes - Svartskog Store - outdoors