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Photo: A Burud - In the smoke30 years with Midsummer tradition

We've got fabulous relatives, inviting us to Midsummer celebration since 1981.

Text: Siw Haugnes
Photo: Siw Haugnes and Arild Burud (photos may be used, if source are given)

Photo: S Haugnes - preparations lamb BBQ

Photo: S Haugnes - friend climbingMy people and I have been there almost every time. And almost every time I've looked as at the picture at above, left hand. The hosts are responsible for lamb, marinade, the location and almost everything else.

The least I can do, is taking care of the barbecuing. The lamb needs to be turned and swabbed. Every now and then, there's need for new charcoal.

The result from hours of barbecuing was, well - delicious, as usual. Thanks to a perfect lamb, perfect marinade and a spit that works fine.

Photo: A Burud - rainbowEverybody brings fittings (side orders?) and everyone tastes everything.

Of course high spirit is important, with no care for the weather that day.

It did not rain. Just as you know.

Anybody saying otherwise, lacks the right spirit.

There was absolutely NO RAIN causing a double rainbow.

Other relatives arranges climbing almost every year. The right hand picture shows our brave friend, making the tour last year.

Photo: S Haugnes - bonfirePhoto: A Burud - people and bonfireBut of course, we've got a bonfire. A few years ago (make that 10) we were able to feed the bonfire all night.

Now there's a bit less materials available. And, OK, I think we would flunk that endurance test (humph).

Thanks again to everybody making this an unforgettable happening year after year!

Added June 26. 2011