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Photo: Arild Burud

The Gathering 2010

In Norwegian: Norwegian flag

Every year, from Wednesday to Sunday in Easter, there's this computer party, The Gathering, in Hamar, Norway. The event has been set up every year since 1992. That's amazing, considering all the work is done by volunteers. The association KANDU is the formal organizer.

There's room for 5200 participants in Vikingskipet Olympic Arena and every ticket gets sold - every year. The Gathering is the second largest computer party in the world, after Dreamhack in Sweden. The participators are either more interested in computers than average or makes stuff them selves or they're simply just gamers. Girls are not the majority of the participants. Still, this year it was almost 15 % girls who attended The Gathering, about 5-600 girls.

Last year (2009) our girls attended TG for the first time. They didn't doubt, they were going there next year as well. Various reasons made participation possible only for Midmost. A bunch of friends from Kolbotn, would make sure she was not to be lonely. They were about 15-20 youth, who more or less had planned to join TG together.

Finally arriving at Vikingskipet, all the equipment and luggage had to be brought in. The picture (no copying allowed) shows Midmost with half of her stuff.

As usual, Midmost didn't get much sleep the five days TG lasted. More than 15 hours, she said, twice as much as last year. She said it was all to much and of course she would not need to sleep Sunday evening. Arild, who drove the car, said they were almost outside Hamar (15 minutes drive) when both passengers had felt asleep.

If my Midmost is a bungler? I don't know (haha), but her keyboard had visits from yogurt and cola, and she forgot one of her bags and a few more things. But she did get a few addresses...


Added April 10. 2010