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Red common hepatica
Photo: Siw Haugnes

Return of the family!!!

Poor friend Dag, he had to rent Sjøbad this Easter. The holiday house on Hvaler is owned by Fellesforbundet, and available to members only. The place is lovely, literally placed only a stone's throw (does the English speaking use that phrase?) from the sea. There are no close neighbours. Another way to phrase it: PERFECT.

In the olden days, when I worked at Fellesforbundet, the employees could rent the place, if NO members had reserved it. My family found that a clever arrangement. We made use of cancellations, unpopular seasons etc. and really enjoyed the place. Later we have visited once in a while, just looking around and longed for it and the sea.

The family at Sjøbad
Photo: Arild Burud

Easter and Sjøbad implies, luckily, the blue common hepitica. And almost always a lot of it to. This time I found a few lilac ones, oh yes, they exist too.

On the left the whole family are gathered by the shore. The house is excellent equipped, has a fine terrace and marvelous touring ground nearby. You can walk by the sea or in the forest or up on one of the wind-swept hills.

Addition to being lazy, we read, play cards and other games, make good food and walk. The telly was not on for a minute.

The members of Fellesforbundet should use the place even more. It's a wonderful leisure place, not only in summer, but in spring and autumn as well.

Snow even in Easter
Photo: Siw Haugnes


We find it natural, that when you have a job, you also become a member of a appropriate workers union. When employed, we benefit from the work the unions have done, giving us regulated working conditions etc. Of course we also have to pull our weight, that is, being member of one of the Trade Unions in LO.

We try to convince our oldest daughter to find a part time work at a restaurant's kitchen or something similar.  Then we could go to Sjøbad without Dag.

We came home Tuesday before Maundy Thursday. Wednesday the girls left for Hamar to enjoy the wonderful weather in Easter (moahahaha). Or sleeping with the head in the keyboard and get the back rubbed with soap. Also called The Gathering 2009.

Greetings from Siw and family

Added April 21. 2009