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School trip to Engnes

The German occupying forces were obviously not impressed by the Norwegian coastal defenses. They did what they could to improve matters, by building fortresses, gun sites and bunkers. So they did also in Skjervøy. June 13th 2007 was part of the school in Arnøyhamn on a trip to take a look at the constructions. Surely also so the children could have a feeling of the fact that it actually had been war in Norway in modern times.

The tunnel in the picture to the right leads from a soldier's barracks and was probably shelter for the German soldiers. The Germans had engineers to blast way for the bunkers and tunnels. To take away left-overs, they used Soviet prisoners of war, from the prison camp om Skjervøy. The Germans constructed a road from Skjervøy center to Engnes. Today this road shows the passage of time, and is only traffic able  by foot, bike or 4WD.

The Germans constructed two gun sites by Engnes, both with a clear view over the sea and the shipping lane. One of the gun sites shows on the letter from first part of June 2007. The constructions has not been well maintenanced and are somewhat unsafe. There is also a possibility for rocks falling. Everybody visiting should use a helmet.

DryadOn the expedition they did find a plant that usually thrives best where the snow first disappears in the spring. In southern Norway dryads is high up in the mountains, but in Skjervøy we find it almost down on the seashore.

From Siw (and Arild)

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