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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Last letter: July 2007 part 2

Photo: Siw Haugnes, (you may use the picture if identified).

Getting ready
When we left Kolbotn last year, I had thought we would have less stuff to pack for the trip back, considering a lot of the stuff we brought to Akkarvik was going to stay in Akkarvik. Yeah - right. Then I would have had to refrain from buying all those DVDs, books, Play Station and, and, and... It is though, easier to get this house ready for the departure, since nobody other than ourselves is going to use this house. All furniture is left where it normally stays. Equipments for the kitchen stays in the kitchen, all belongings to the bedrooms stay there and so on. Luckily. Everybody that once have been moving, knows that it's all too much that has to be done in advance. On the bright side, all garments that don't fit either of the kids, has been given to somebody else or thrown away.

Pebbles in LillevikaSummary
We've had a fantastic year. Everybody living in this village, on this island or in the municipal has done their best to make us manage living here. Even though we're definitely southerns, not used to the nature and the weather and other specialties.


We've experienced local parties, mime shows, a very different school and a lot of fish. Actually more than we were able to eat. We've seen weather we can't have in eastern Norway. We've been isolated. We've seen how the weather changes extremely swiftly. And we've seen a lot of other stuff as well. Now we're waiting for the kids to finish college. Then we're moving back here.

Bragging about the fish
Our oldest daughter worried if we we were going to eat this much fish back in Kolbotn. Well, I said, the fish you buy there, is it really worth the money? No, she said, not at all. And that's a bit sad. Here the fish is fresh, it doesn't taste and smell funny. We have definitely grown a bit choosy. That's why so many meals have consisted of fish the last weeks.

Just now
When this is finished and published, all the computer equipments get rigged down and packed. Next time you find me on the Internet, will be after August 1. 2007.

May you all have a lovely summer!

Greetings from Siw

Last letter: July 2007 part 2

Added July 26. 2007