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Summer and the last denying (we don't want to move away from Akkarvik)

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Photos: Siw Haugnes, (you may use the picture if identified).

Lauksletta - hiking pathA guided hike to Rotvåg
Årviksand grendelag (an organization in the nearest village) organized an event for Arnøy with lectures, local food, temporary museum and a show. The last day they set up a guided hike to Rotvåg. You may wonder, what is it about Rotvåg?  I give a simple explanation here. The weather was lovely and many joined the hike. Ingrid and Arild was gone for nine hours and had a good time all the way.

The first party visit
Our friends from Kirkenes/Kolbotn arrived for a few days visit. Their kids visited last year, and when asked if they wanted to take their traditional summer holiday in Spain. The answer was "No, we want to go to Akkarvik. They arrived in Akkarvik while we still had possibility for sun rashes. We can't have guests and avoid to bring them on a trip or two. Arild tested out his abilities as a guide at Lauksletta. There we found old seashores, old barrows, hollows used for boiling a long, long time ago and other traces of prehistoric happenings. It's also compulsory to bring guests on a long walk to a beach with lots and lots of pebbles. The pebbles are smooth and in most sizes and colours.

This picture shows one of the many posts making sure you don't get lost on Lauksletta.

Geitvika seen from EastRainy weather and the second party visit
In fact the rain caught up with us this summer as well. Almost a whole week it was raining and being so cold, we just "had to" stay indoors. Of course we should have used the opportunity to start packing our belongings and prepared for moving back to Kolbotn. But no, it was much more tempting to visit other people, play games, making lovely food, visit the local pub and do everything else nicer than packing. I really can't stand the thought of leaving. The maid we had in December came visiting us. We really need her help packing, washing and her help to cheer us up.

The third party visit
The next party was staying at Aunt and Uncle 1000 meters down in the village. My cousin hasn't been here for twenty years! Her family visited Akkarvik for the first time ever. Of course they had to visit us, stay for dinner, bread and cakes. We gladly included them on some hikes and avoided packing for a few more days. The trip went to Lillevika and Geitvika, both by the shore. We did some barbecuing, splashing in the sea, burning some rubbish and had a lovely day. The right hand picture shows the entry to Geitvika, another depopulated village on Arnøy.

Greetings from Siw

Last letter: July 2007 part 1 - Next letter: July 2007 part 3

Added July 26. 2007