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Summer, summer and summer

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Photos: Arild Burud and Siw Haugnes, (you may use the picture if identified).

Walking on a small glacierA short hike in the mountain
Right before the end of June, that's 11:30 pm on June 30th, we walked up the slope west of our house. We followed the stream bed until the slope was too steep and then crossed a bit less slanting slope through grass and moss. For a while I thought it was impossible to climb and that the only way down was to let go and tumble all the way down. But we made it! Before reaching the top, July was coming and the midnight sun shone both on us and the snow. On the top we enjoyed the sun and a small scotch (shame on us) before we walked (climbed) down. The excursion got two hours of our lives. It felt so good to get moving.

We need a little holiday
A lot of readers would think we've had enough holiday this year, but we don't care. Normally we drive 185 kilometers to get to Akkarvik, and feel that's enough. That's why we've never visited all the fantastic places in Finnmark county. Now we had stayed close to Finmark most of the year, the drive wouldn't be that long. Our target was Kirkenes, the town closest to Russia. We were to meet friends there.

Eagle sitting by the seaFirst day
We hadn't got off the island when we saw the first eye catcher. I've got a new camera and need to test if it works properly. I'm not going to make this letter too long, so a lot of the wonderful pictures is not being shown. Some pictures of Akkarvik will probably show in Akkarvik's own web pages. Others have to do with a place in our private albums. Shortly before Singla we saw an eagle sitting on a rock by the seashore. How close could I get before it would lift? Would I manage to get a sharp picture? I shot 15 pictures, all of them a little bit closer than the last one. The eagle was watching me closely, probably to decide if I was dangerous to it. It's head got a little shadow, the sun was too bright, I was too nervous, but I managed one picture I could publish. After that we went for the Reisa valley, a place so dense with mosquitoes that we soon left. Form there we traveled to Hjemmeluft in Alta, but forgot to take pictures.  We were filled with awe, wandering at a place with rock engravings up to 6000 years old!

Second day
We spent the night at Stabburnes Camping, it's recommendable, and drove to Lakselv. Lakselv has the ugliest village center in northern Norway, but the rest of the municipal is wonderful. From there we visited Roddineset with old shorelines high above todays sea level. We drove through Silfar canyons in Børselv. That one was magnificent, it brought the thoughts on that scene in Lord of The Rings, right after the Fellowship leaves Lothlorien, fantastic views, landscapes and everything. We took a "short" detour to Vadsø before ending up in Kirkenes. Vadsø do have one of the best Indian restaurants in Norway (Indigo), even though it has fewer courses on the menu than people from Oslo are used to. Yummi, that was delicious.

King Oscar II's churchThird and fourth day
Being in Kirkenes we had to visit Grense Jakob's River and look over to Russia. A lot of places we could see boards saying nice things like "Its' forbidden to cross the border" in many languages. We also found King Oscar II’s Chapel. It was raised in 1869 when the head of the army wanted a battleship or a gun site. The King rather wanted a landmark of peace and suggested to build a church visible from the ocean. We were there when the mist was slowly rolling in over the land from the sea. That gave the church a bewitching gleam of light I liked a lot.

Going home
On the return we used two days. We took road E6 past Karasjok and further in to the land almost to Kautokauno, mostly because I wanted to be reminded why I don't like driving inner Finmark: Mosquitoes and other insect in such a great number, it almost sounded like rain on the cars front. The girls were alone at home while Fredrik, Arild and I was away. They thought they could sleep all day, but the boss waked them as early as 11:30 am (sic) to get them started with the work: Painting the outside of our barn.

More summer
I really got a lot more to tell about July, but enough is enough. Maybe there will be a new letter from the last half of July?

And the weather? Again...
July has this far been absolutely fantastic. I've heard some southerns complaining about how the inhabitants of northern Norway swagger about this years summer weather. I have a statement. When people from the southern parts of Norway stop claiming that it's impossible to have a holiday in north, because of the bad weather, then the northern people will stop swaggering. Of course we don't always have this lovely weather at summer, but mostly it's more than bearable. Even though we seldom can take a bath outside, we have the lovely light, exceptional nature, a lot of humour etc.

Greetings from Siw

Last letter: June 2007 part 2 - Next letter: July 2007 part 2

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