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The Midsummer Eve it didn't rain

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Photos: Siw Haugnes, (you may use the picture if identified).

Brook troutGlobeflowerFootball tournament
July 15.-17. husband and two kids went to Gratangen to participate in the biggest football tournament in northern Norway. Since our car has a lot of space for passengers, a lot of other players joined them. We had been warned that the ferry  early on a Friday evening, in good weather, can be a little bit more than crowded. Arild was on the ferry berth early, but not all the rest of the team did as he. As a consequence some of the players reached the stadium just in time to get out of the car when the referee started the match. That's how life is when we are depending on a ferry to get to the mainland. Our girl has been playing handball for the last five years and earned a penalty when she automatically catched a ball with her hands. I would've loved to have a picture of her expression when she understood what she had done. That game was lost 1-5. Arnøya's team ended as number nine for teams their age.

To North-Rekvik
The lovely weather before Midsummer tempted us to take a hike to North-Rekvik. Two things need to be said: It's a long, long walk and the landscape is very, very barren. Okey, I admit the hike was good. Arild and I had a pleasant time and even got a small trout (right hand picture). Our oldest girl had recently mentioned that she missed red fish for dinner. She got the tiny fish grilled on Midsummer Eve. My hips protested to walk all the way to North-Rekvik so we turned back to the car half the way down. By then we had seen a lot of rein deer, cloud berry flowers, eagles and fish. We also had managed to scare a lot of grouses (sorry 'bout that, but hard to avoid). To cross the big river I had to take of my shoes. It suited me fine that the weather was lovely. The water was freezing cold, though. Amusing how the water stream tried force me to put my foot down one meter down the river. I'm sorry, but I'm not flexible enough anymore to make the splits.

Yellow flower
This yellow flower (over) was all around us in June, giving the area a sort of nice glow. In Norwegian the flower is called ballblom. I think it's called trollus globe flower in English.

Midsummer EveSplendid Midsummer Eve
I've been in northern Norway trice at Midsummer Eve. Every time the weather has been perfect. Back home down south, it's not always like that. We've attended the family's traditional celebration by Glomma's riverside a lot more than once, wearing rain boots and rain coats. Just to be nice, I had to call them down there, several times, and ask if they had the same gorgeous weather we had here in Akkarvik. Last call made someone shout "Not a word about the weather!!!". We started the day preparing food quite lazily. Then we went to Kirkenesodden, a place down by the sea, where the villagers usually gather once in a while for events like this. We brought a marinated lamb saddle, fittings, some extra clothes and fishing rods. After a while we were quite a lot of people barbecuing, talking, eating, fishing, singing and having a good time. We stayed until the kids wanted to go home. Since the weather still was lovely and warm we attended another gathering near the river before we went to the local pub at the quay. There someone played accordion and we sang and danced 'til early morning. A guest from somewhere else, thought it actually was an ordinary pub and asked for the barkeeper!

Power failure ... almost
Last Friday in June the power failed. That is, the lamps still work, or no, they only glow a little. So, what about further down the village? They said everything was okey there, but what I described sounded like one power phases was out. As I understood what that was supposed to mean. I called the electricity company at 7 pm. They thought I was there for holiday, probably because of my not exactly local accent. Amazingly they managed to get some workers to the island with the 8-ferry. They must have been both driving and working as hell. When they reached the flawed transformer, there was an interesting, but scary glowing arc over it. They repaired the transformer and reached the 10-ferry to the mainland. The good thing about the power failure was that I had to try to make corn tortilla on the wood-burning stove.

What about the weather?
Here June is more like April in East Norway, very hot and very cold. We've had over a week with hot summer weather, bathed in the river, hiking, fishing and relaxing. But we've also had six freezing cold days that just now have turned to blue sky and a general feeling of summer. Its not long before we move back to Kolbotn (don't want to think about it).

Greetings from Siw

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