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Good weather - and bad

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Mostly the weather has been dry, but a lot colder than we're used to this time of the year in Eastern Norway. May ended sunny and June started cold and cloudy.

Trouble with the water
June started with me being in Kolbotn. First task was to weed the garden. I also had to teach our lodger that, oregano is not weed, it's supposed to be in the bed. My lodger wanted me to show her how to use the garden hose. As might happen when somebody tries to make me do something I don't want to - and I DO NOT want to learn that outdoor tap - I ignored her completely. Arild had to guide her by phone. That went much better than if I, possibly, just possibly, a bit grumpy, would have had to show our lodger the garden hose and tap.

A guest in Norway
While I was south, we got some real hot weather here, and I can't stand it. There's a reason why I go north every summer. One late evening I was in Aker Brygge, a part of Oslo by the sea. There I met a foreigner who had never visited Norway before. He told me he had believed his watch was broken the night before. The people at his hotel had told him there was nothing wrong with his watch, the time was 10:30 pm and still not starting to be dark. When I told him that where I live, there is nothing dark at all in the night before the end of August, he almost didn't believe it.

Reindeer crossing the road

Rudolph the reindeer
When it's warm the reindeer pull up in the heights and in to the middle of the island. Now it's cold enough for them to prefer to be in the lowlands. They gladly walk close to the houses and across and along the roads. You would think, that they wanted to get away when a car is approaching. Ha ha and oh no, then everybody has to regroup on the same side of the road, preferably the side where there are less reindeers. That might take some ten-fifteen minutes.

Eagle in the skySilhouette
One night I was sitting outdoors to take some pictures of the reindeer calves, an eagle flew above me. It was crossing the sky so fast, I did not have time to prepare the camera. Even though, I got a very distinct silhouette.

A german gun site in SkjervøyExcursion
Some classes from the children's school went to Skjervøy June 13. That is to Engnes where the Germans was building fortifications during the occupation (1940-45). You can read about the excursion here.

Photos: Arild Burud and Siw Haugnes (the eagle), (you may use the pictures if identified).

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Last letter: May 2007 part 2 - Next letter: June 2007 part 2

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