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The goal gets broken by the windMay 17. in Arnøyhamn (Constitution Day)
From home in Oppegård, we know the heat can be a problem when we walk in the parade. Walking 10 kilometers or more in pretty, but not handy shoes, can also be a problem. This is not likely to be a problem here. We were lucky, it was almost not raining at all, almost calm wind, and not exactly warm. The rest of the islanders called attention to the fact that it was not snowing. No pictures taken, flat battery in the camera.

A goal for playing handball
Ingrid wanted a goal for training both football and handball. She and her dad used the whole Sunday to make her one. We looked forward to play a lot of amusing family matches etc. Even Arild, affirmed detester of every other sport than snooker, got more than reasonable eager when we had the first match. Some of us got bruises. And then one morning, after a windy night...

Most people I know think Ingrid is the subject. She became teenager in the end of May. That's of course an important happening which was celebrated as it should, with home baked tortilla with accessories. And cakes, visitors and some exercises. But most important:

Table outdoorsMy present
Half a year after my birthday and only five months after X-mas I got a present from my darling. And what a present! A digital canon EOS camera, which could be used with my old lenses. Now it's my turn to take pictures my surroundings can take a look at sooner than a few months after they are shot. Not to offend our scanner, but to digitalize old fashioned pictures is not as good as having pictures originally created as digital files. Take a look at our beautiful outdoor table in b/w.

Snow and wind
Oh no, we've not had any snowy weather in May, not down where we live. However, it was snowing at the peaks, but the sun, the wonderful sun, was shining night and day in the end of May. Suddenly most of the snow was melted and not only the fields was without snow, but the stream beds too. Mosquito, bumble bees and other insects have waken from a long winter night and the world feels wonderful.

Photos: Siw Haugnes, (you may use the pictures if identified).

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Last letter: May 2007 part 1 - Next letter: June 2007 part 1

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