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The day after the April letter was published, Jøran from the snow-clearing crew came and cleared our road. Of course there was slush, ice and snow in the road, but now we can drive the car to the house. It was an exciting experience to use the bike. Ice in the road and me on the ground when I tried to turn. That hurts and Arild, poor man, learned some new words.

First weekend in May, we did something we’ve would not have done at Kolbotn. We left the children alone from Friday to Sunday. Children that age (10-15) is most capable to spend a weekend alone, that's not the problem. The problem is that in Kolbotn the risk is that some stupid gang is doing what I think is called "party-crashing". Imagine what children and teenagers loose when they never get to practice independence all alone.

The sitting bench is out of the barnThe reason for our absence was my brother and his girlfriend turning 40 years. They invited to a big party with a lot of people, both known and unknown to us. Since we were leaving early Sunday morning, we planned to leave the party early. We never managed that, the problem being Kristian and Ingrid both having a lot of charming and talkative friends and relatives. Thanks a lot for a great party! And congratulations with the oath of allegiance!

Now it's safe to stow away the telescope, next dark night arrives in end of August. The midnight sun will be here in two weeks, and it's the end of dusk and twilight. I imagine all my friends from southern Norway, dread the non existing nights and having problems sleeping at nights. Myself, I have no such problems.

The garden seat is out of the barn, and the season of barbecuing can get started.

Photo: Arild Burud, (you may use the picture if identified).

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Last letter: April 2007 - Next letter: May 2007 part 2

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