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April foolery

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Broken lamp postThe letter from March was freshly published when the weather turned, and we had winter weather again. That suited us just fine, the famous Easter holiday was coming up next. It was school holiday and cross country skiing was expected and a lot more winter outdoors activities as well. The week started with some very nice days and then the weather turned. It started blowing and snowing a lot. One of our telephone and power poles snapped. We called the power company who repaired the pole with some straps (picture to the left).

Wind and a lot of drifting snow made the shopping on Wednesday uncertain. Then the snow-clearing crew organized...
The first ever in this islands history, at least, nobody admits remembering anything like it.

The Easter's weather was so awful, I refused to join the party at the local "pub", even though all the village's holiday residents planned a big party. This is not good for my reputation... It has to be added, that our house is the one farthest from the pub. Our house also is most exposed to wind. That day it was snowing ice spikes horizontal. We're living a little more than 1 mile from the pub, it's a hell of a long way to walk, when the wind's speed was 20 m/s.

Easter Eve actually had almost nice weather. The snow was fresh and white and covering the grass that was showing last week.  The temptation was to much, I had to use the skis once more this year. Repetition the day after (Easter Day), with sunshine and calm air. Arild and the two youngest kids with the snow scooter up in mountainside. There one taught the other how to use a snowboard. They were red and had sunburned cheeks when they came home.

And then the Easter was over and warm weather hit the valley. No more danger of avalanche with free from school, and no more skiing trips. Would you believe we call it hot weather when it shows 6-7 ºC (44 ºF) in the end of April. It's a big difference then, to meet Oslo where I could walk lightly dressed and in shoes without socks, at the evening.

Still some cold weather returns, the dark nights are gone 'til August. We can read outdoors now.

Photo: Arild Burud, (you may use the picture if identified).

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Last letter: March 2007 - Next letter: May 2007 part 1

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