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March gave us the feeling of Easter - and a bit stress: New requirements when flying

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March has been fabulous, except the last days. The first week was splendid, the sun was shining all the time. But what did we do?

ShackFirstly we sent the children to Grandmother south in Eastern Norway. We planned to let them take a plane March 3. Om February 24th Avinor (the Norwegian airport network operator) published new requirements for identification when traveling with luggage. The children only have passports for ID. Up here to Akkarvik we brought five passports, but the wrong and expired ones. The current ones was in our house in Kolbotn. My fault, I had taken the wrong folder (and I'm an archivist). Since it takes a little bit more than three days to get any kind of new ID, my pulse was racing high and my stress level  could compete with that of a rabbit  meeting high lights from a car. Some very hysterical telephone calls had to be made to the flight company and Avinor. At last we've got a promise: Everything would be just fine. And it did!

Almost before the kids was out of the door, we began demolishing everything inside: Pictures, shelfs and everything else went down from the wall, old nail holes was filled etc. Yes, you're guessing correctly, we're painting. The kids don't know about it, it's meant to be a surprise. More reasonable people would have spend the first week home alone in 15 years!! being lovers, enjoying the lovely weather and just having a good time. But oh no, not we. Sanding the walls, filling, more sanding the walls, washing, filling and painting (redecorating) took all the week. Friday we were going to my cousin and had promised to make dinner on Saturday. Then at last it was time to relax.

Yeh, yeh, we could have waited, this house is normally a leisure house. But try a supposition. Try to picture at hall with fair green lists, yellow and orange walls, almost white ceiling, brown and strange patterned doors, the edges of the stairs red some places and brown other places, two totally different blue colours and two green colours in the kitchen etc. Now the number of colours are down to three in all rooms. It was a job well done. Sorry to say I don't have any pictures of the "lovely" collection of colours.

After a trip to Trondheim I came home in the end of March. Then there was a lot less snow than when I left. That left nothing else to do than to be outdoors as much as possible while there still was any snow left. Such as to take a scooter trip to Sør-Rekvika. This month's picture is taken there. The shack is made of driftwood only, and lives, amazingly, through one winter storm after another.

Photo: Arild Burud, (you may use the picture if identified).

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