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February is winter weather and closed roads

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The light house at HaugnesFebruary has not been the worst winter month within living memory. Nevertheless, from the outdoor step we had to walk one meter up on the snow. We from southern Norway have now noticed that it don't have to actually snow for the roads to be almost impossible to use for driving. It only has to blow a "little", and the roads get stuffed with snow, hard snow. The wind presses it hard together. And here it blows more often and harder than we're used to from Bunnefjorden, South-East of Oslo. We've been outdoors a lot and find it exciting when the wind shapes the landscape of snow. Up in the valley, North from our house, the wind and hard snow, almost ice, made it look like lunar craters. Pity I had no camera.

February also meant more days home from school for the kids. Now they have accepted that homework has to be done and are happy to sleep a little bit longer. Ingrid lost a handball cup in Alta, because there was no way we possibly could get out of Akkarvik. The roads was stuffed with more snow than the snow-clearing crew could handle and it was high danger for avalanches almost everywhere.

It's kind of weird to drive at most a quarter after the snow truck, and still have problems with snow in the road. When the wind blows like this it can build snow up to 30 cm in that short time. There's no way to get the same quality as on the roads near Oslo  :)

This month we've got no new pictures: Arild's camera is broken and mine is old fashion (paper photos). Still, Akkarvik was on the news: Our local fisherman, Stein caught a tiny little halibut. He used something like hakapik to catch the "baby fish", it weighted only 200 kilogram (apx 400 lb). You find a picture and the story (in Norwegian only) here.

No picture means a little cheating. This picture is from the light house at Haugnes, Summer 2003.

Photo: Arild Burud, (you may use the picture if identified).

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