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Second winter coming up

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January started, as usual, with making something nice for the birthday kid. Every year we've had to get up just about 7 am at New years day. Oh, that's not day, it's night. How could we plan so badly to get a child exactly this time of year? Now, at last, he's ten and starting to sleep a little longer and that gave us a couple of hours more sleep. Then we could wake up and prepare a nice birthday cake and breakfast for the boy.

Skitur i AkkarvikdalenTwo weeks into the new year snow came back and we could go cross country skiing again. We went down in the basement, collecting and trying skis, ski boots, ski poles and the brand new and good condition that was laying right behind the carpenter desk. The winter is there to be enjoyed, even though we have to make a new track every time we put the skis on.

Our friends and colleagues from south of Norway thinks ski tracks are made everywhere. They're wrong! And those thinking the track stays where we left it are also wrong. Our snow scooter is not functioning. Have you ever tried to go cross country skiing in non-existing tracks when the snow is so soft that you go down 40 cm? Then try to lift your ski with all the snow upon it. repeat 1500 times. That's work out! No exercise facility needed here.

On the second to last Wednesday in January, the snow started to roll down the mountains ... and over the roads. The children saw an opportunity to skip school, they had not thought about parents. We're very conscientious (have you read the Norwegian law on the subject school?) and instructed them to do homework before leisure. Almost a week later, Tuesday, they could join school again. Meanwhile the local radio had decided to interview Arild, the man from south, on how isolation for five days had been. Arild was broadcasted and called attention to the fact that the power was on, the phone was working and the misses (me) transported away by snow scooter. Yes, I did get away, but not so easily, it took a lot of help from the neighbours, the boat transport company and the people from the snow plough company to do so. I had to go to Tromsø to get to work. What did the interviewer mean by isolated, Arild asked.

After I'd left, Arild and the children went outdoors to put the snow scooter to safety. The wind wasn't calm long enough to complete the task. While walking back in, the wind took hold of the children and carried them along the house's wall. A new and exciting experience for us.

Photo: Arild Burud, (you may use the picture if identified).

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Last letter: December 2006 - Next letter: February 2007

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