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The house maid arriving with December

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Photos: Arild Burud, (you may use the pictures if identified).

I still have a lot of work to do, but December also has a lot to do with Christmas gifts, baking Christmas cakes, writing Christmas letters and cards - and everything else I like to do. Unfortunately the snow has disappeared, but will probably be back any time soon.

Dec. 12. the house maid emerged. My mother came to spend her first Christmas in Akkarvik since 1958 and will be here for a whole three weeks. According our agreement, she was to visit her brother down the valley for a few days, if we needed it. But everything went well. The visit was a joy and it was lovely to have someone around to do all the cleaning and tidying up, while I was working and cooking. Baking Christmas cakes, eight different sorts, is only enjoyable when we are many to share the work.

There is a lot of Christmas cakes we just need to have for Christmas in my family. A ginger bread courtyard was also made:

Ginger bread houses

Arild was just in time to install all the new windows, before it started blowing badly and raining! That's what I call lucky. At once we noticed the heaters could be turned down a bit, and it still got warmer inside. Later the snow came back and the nights became more bright. Now we could make snow caves, snow lamps and other things that make winter time lovely. Contrary to all belief, new windows is not necessarily leading to better view:

Snow outside the windows

Christmas Day is traditionally spend with night wears and robes on - and then we got visitors. We got dressed in a hurry and pretended that nothing special had happened at all.

This years last day inevitably comes closer and brings a desire to make delicious food: grilled scampi, fillet of reindeer and creme bruille  and various lovely fillings. For once we had bought new year fireworks, but we didn't abandon Amnesty International, they got they usual share of "we want to use our money better". Instead the weather let us down, it was so windy up here we could not lit the firework. My uncle and aunt down the village wasn't saddened, we brought the firework and ourself and visited them. Down there it was almost calm and we could enjoy both firework and Fredrik's birthday.

Greetings from Siw

Last letter: November 2006 - Next letter: January 2007

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