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The first winter arrives

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Photos: Arild Burud, (you may use the picture if identified).

The snow took a little longer to get down to the house, but this Saturday it came all the way down. Now there is 15 cm on our doorstep and the car should possibly be somewhere safer. We still don't know if somebody will clear the road of snow for us. The "city" manager of Skjervøy said we could get the road cleared regularly if I gave the municipal a few advises of better record keeping (and Skjervøy needs a lot of advises there). Some locals told me that in winter time it's compulsory to have something to eat and drink and a warm rug in the car. Anytime on the road, it could happen that we don't get all the way from A to B. Driving in snowy weather, or the wind that can be around here, is a risky business. The weather here in Akkarvik does not have to be the same as halfway to the shop or ferry. Some places all the snow has blown away, other places it has been drifting up to huge piles.

Lyra survived, she became very suddenly house-trained. She has moved down to a house further down in the settlement and leaved Korska to have her food all by her self again. Somebody asked for a picture of the kitty:

Lyra, the cat

Our windows are old fashioned style, two sets where one open inwards and one set opens outwards. That solution gives way for condensation and leakages. We also have to paint twice as many windows as really needed. We're sort of longing for the new windows to arrive, expected tomorrow. They have to be painted at least twice before they can be installed. Right now our view out of the windows is, well, see for yourself:

No view to the fiord

Ingrid joined a handball competition (cup?) in Skjervøy this weekend. The funny thing is that we had already made an appointment with my cousin's ex, to take care of the three youngest, giving her a weekend in the city (Tromsø). And then this handball cup comes along. It's not exactly walking distance between us and the sports hall. 35 km to the ferry, 25 min on the ferry and another 10 km from the ferry to the gym. On Saturdays the last ferry home leaves 6:15 pm and Ingrid had to play 7 and 9 pm. That's the way she get to know better the other girls on the team (e.g. spend the night in their house, for those that don't have their own children and understood what I meant by instinct). On Sunday the girls rise half seven, played and won the semi final 9 am. Later they won the final match by golden goal. The picture in the newspaper (not on net) showed a very proud team, everybody in the teams suits. Except Ingrid, goalkeeper, playing in a sweater with Kolbotn's brand image very noticeable showing on the picture.

Kristine (14 yrs) longs for city life and a little shopping. She and I takes the evening boat to Tromsø today. We plan cinema and shopping all day tomorrow. Shopping is not my kind of fun, but some sacrifices has to bee done for the poor teenager, made to live an isolated life in the wasteland.

The snow has settled well on the ground, skiing conditions are excellent, we get out for a little trip every day.

Greetings from Siw

Last letter: September 2006 - Next letter: November 2006

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