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Departure and a trip of chaos, and surprises at arrival...

Photos: Arild Burud, (you may use the picture if identified).

I have always wanted to live a whole year in Akkarvik, to get to know all the different seasons, the alterations in the weather and the nature. At last I succeeded to persuade my husband. It was easy getting the children to want to come. Before moving, we had to plan carefully, economy had to be sorted out. The kitchen and second floor bathroom where we usually live had to be finished. The summer 2006 mostly consisted of tidying, throwing, giving away things we didn't need, working and packing.

Ready to leaveAmazingly, and with a lot of help from the children and my mother, we managed to pack down the house and the removal load in time for our own deadline. Monday July 24. at 11 am we were on the road with the car and a trailer.

The weather suited us fine, when driving. We had food and drink, the cat was hissing, good speed, money on the bank card. It all added up to give us hope to reach the camping cabin in Snåsa before midnight. All too wrong...

Not far from Trondheim (almost middle of Norway) we started to hear a click-click-sound and feel a vibration when throttling. This only got worse and after a while we could not get the car over 30 km/h (20 miles/hour). That kind of speed, we quickly calculated, would bring us to Akkarvik a week after our first guests had arrived. Something had to be done.

To make a long story short, a garage at last did what Arild wanted. By then we've met the fourth car mechanic, one repair had been made and a suggestion to change the gearbox had been proposed. A gearbox is not a cheap thing and we've changed this one last summer, the guarantee had just expired. Arild insisted it had to be the inner driveshaftjoint (whatever that is). He got a new "something" that a garage in Grong helped getting in to the right place in the car. This was Wednesday, and we had planned to be at my uncle Kåre in Ballangen (650 km north from Grong) Tuesday evening.

Finally we were back on the road, no unpleasant sound from the car was heard. We came to my uncle at 6:30 am Thursday morning, and brought with us the areas first summer day that year. Uncle logs the weather, like old sailors like to do.

Friday evening we arrived in Akkarvik and at our house ... and now knew it's true that to forget antifreeze solution in the toilet, automatically gives a cracked toilet. The shower mixer was broken too, some water must have been able to hide when we left this winter. Now we have a new toilet, a lot of antifreeze solution for later, and a new shower mixer which is both simpler and prettier than most.

We used a few hours to get rid of superfluous ornaments, plastic flowers, knock-knacks and more, that we had barely tolerated while using the house Fremtid as a holiday house. I've kept a big bucket with the ugliest ones. The bucket is placed in the cellar and brought up to look at for those that want a worse creeping feeling than you get from the movie "Shining".

We have made and hung up shelves on the walls, moved around the furniture, put together desks etc. We've done the best we could to make the house look like we live there and not only visiting for holiday. But we have not yet painted the rooms. In the hall we've counted six different colours. There may come a time...

Internet connection and telephone took three weeks to get, and we are not used to "have to do something" to actually get wired.

Weather has been great until yesterday, when it rained. Now it's lightly cloudy and warm and the blueberry is ripe.

Blueberry bushes

Somebody is taking a stroll, some other taking the bike and I'm going to work for a while.

Greetings from Siw

Next letter: September 2006

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