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Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett has an exceptional imagination he has used to generate magnificent fantasy. He writes both alone and cooperates with others. One lovely piece from such splendid teamwork is "Good Omens" written with Neil Gaiman, scriptwriter for the comic book series The Sandman. Pratchett has a seldom sort of Alzheimer, but still writes, both articles and books.

Josh Kirby / DiscworldDiscworld

Pratchett is best known for the Discworld series. Discworld is not exactly another planet, and the books are both fantasy and much fun. Discworld is filled with kind of mad people looking at the world in the most peculiar ways. The Discworld series contains social criticism, philosophy and more, told in a laughable and thoughtful style.

The books are related through the world where the events takes place and because some of the characters, people is NOT the correct word, are the same. Any book can be read without the need to read any other of the books first.

A little on the outside, we find Pratchett's three books in the "The Science of Discworld" series. In these books Pratchett and co writers discuss different disciplines of earthly science, as seen from Discworld. The Science-books are well-written, instructive and interesting and, of course, not boring.

The publishers has an official website. A group calling them self The L-Space Librarians have made an odd website with links to book covers and other pictures.

Picture: Cover for Mort
Artist: Josh Kirby, Discworld artist until his death
Origin: I don't remember anymore, but I think I borrowed it from L-Space.

Books for children an youth

Pratchett writes for everybody, also youngsters. We gave some books to our children, when they where younger, to make them practice reading in English, using books they can enjoy. The Carpet People are some lovely books about small people from outer space, stuck on earth. The Wee Free Men is about a girl who has to save her brother from the evil fairy queen.

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