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Robert Jordan

Jordan was the author of the sequel The Wheel of Time (TWoT). Jordan had meant the series to consist of twelve books, but he died in September 2007, before the twelfth book was finished. Robert Jordan's widow Harriet and the publishers did choose Brandon Sanderson to finish the last book, A Memory of Light.

The story is about several youthlings playing different parts in the big battle against the evil adversary. In Jordan's world, not everything is straight forward and the right thing to do might be bad for a lot of good people. You'll find the story mentioned at Wikipedia, where you also find links to other websites, some good ones.

Charles Keegan: Into the ruins
Artist: Charles Keegan
Title: Into the Ruins
Occasion: Cover for the first half of the first book (The Eye of the World)

The main plot is that there is nothing new under the sun, everything happens over and over again as long as the wheel and the pattern exist. The Creator locked up The Destroyer when he created the world, the wheel and the pattern. While time passes, The Destroyer manages to affect the world and some people to do his will. The Affected will try to release The Destroyer. The Good People have so far, every time managed to seal The Destroyer's prison, and then everything starts a new. TWoT follows the last part of one of these cycles.

Some people can use magic (channel) and the books follows some (many) of them, such as Rand and Egwene. They were meant to marry, but all that has happened have made them friends who now have given their hearts to somebody else. Every book leaves some more characters and some more unfinished stories. And every book is a bit longer than the last one. It's still almost impossible for me to abandon the books when I start reading them (over and over again).

Owing to the facts that many stories are unfinished and Jordan had told and written much about the last book, the last book is going to be three last books. The Gathering Storm was published in 2009, the other two will be published late in 2010 and late in 2011.

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