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Hans Frederik Follestad

De fire og han som gjør alt værreUnfortunately his books are not available in English (yet). The books are called "De Fire og Han Som Gjør Galt Verre" in Norwegian, it should be approximately "The Four and He Who Makes Wrong Worse". The tree books are a fabulous Norwegian fantasy, almost as funny and non-logical as Adams. Follestad writes enthralling and humourously, while making fun of all genres, especially fantasy, action and spy novels.

The Four are reincarnated wizards and have to use every knowledge they no longer have to save the world. He Who Makes Wrong Worse is a pompous and spoiled kid who always knows best, and sometimes actually do.

In Follestad's writing it's not mandatory for the good guys to always be good and for the bad guys to always be bad. I love that kind of writing.

The front cover makes you think this is a kids book, but that's wrong. You have to know a little something about grown up life to catch the funny stuff. Most parts of the book are not suited for children under ten, they just wouldn't know what it meant.

Have fun!

Last updated April 2010