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Douglas Adams

Adams has written more than SF. Mostly he's famous for the novels on the "Hitchhiker's Guide" series. In these books you've got everything: A funny way to look at our own society, hilarious funny stuff, high tech and lots of self-made words.

The Hitchhiker Books

The five books are written over a period for 15 years and are not necessarily coherent. They started as a radio play and TV series on BBC in the seventies and has many resemblances to stuff from Monty Python, but I don't know of any teamwork. There's no logic in the books and some contradictions appear, or so I've heard. Some contradictions have been eliminated over the years in new and different editions.

I and the rest of my family love the books and have had many amusing moments reading them.

In short, the books are about the earthling Arthur and the alien Ford and their escape from Earth the moment before Earth is removed to make way for a space high way... During the flight they learn how to fly (the trick is to fall and then miss hitting the ground), meet a depressed robot (Marvin) and a self-obsessed genius (Zaphod).

Dirk Gently

Dirk Gently

Gently is a private investigator in a bit unusual earthly world. Dirks solves the unusual problems thrown at him, in a splendid, fascinating and amusing way. The two books about Gently are more pragmatic than The Guide, but that goes for almost everything.

Last updated April 6. 2010